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  • P1010004 Right now we are in:

    London, England

    Before this we were in:

    Vancouver, Canada

    Next we are going to:



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Wow! That makes it all the more credible coming from you, as I've been reading your blog for over 18 months! Woo hoo!


Thanks for following us, India-Leigh. Nice to know we have a committed readership.


I saw the exact same thing here last night in North Carolina, USA. Very strange. I have been Googling, and apparently these were seen in New Zealand yesterday as well.


I have seen these orange lights on two different occasions (both times in London but in two different locations). The news report said that the lights were apparently 'Chinese lanterns' ......I find this hard to believe...


Agree with you about the lanterns. We had read also that some people mistake the lanterns for UFOs, but there was no way this was the case with our sighting based on the size of the objects we saw, the speed at which the orbs moved and the distance they covered.

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Is that a real UFO?? I'm not really sure


Wow! I'm so glad I found your post as I saw what sounds like the very same lights cruising over Chiang Mai this week, on Wednesday 18 July. I couldn't believe nor comprehend what we saw. But they were huge bright, round orange lights flying across Chiang Mai in various formations.


That's very interesting. Was there anyone else with you?

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