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Where Are We?

  • P1010004 Right now we are in:

    London, England

    Before this we were in:

    Vancouver, Canada

    Next we are going to:



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Bill Moss

Sorry to hear about the photos. One easy way to back up is to invest in extra low-capacity (one gig or less) memory cards for your camera. These are relatively cheap and quite small, and can be kept in a zip-closure plastic bag along with your passport (from which you should never separate). Then, the loss of a camera means the loss of only what's on the card that has NOT already been shared on line (and therefore, can be retrieved). Flash and SD cards can survive humidity, seawater, and even, sometimes, a child's digestive tract! Unfortunately, one can always trust a thief to steal.


Thanks, Bill. Bitter blow losing the pics, but you live and learn (hopefully). As always, appreciate the tip(s).

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